Trevor Peach

Described as “unhealthily pessimistic”, “morbidly morose”, and “crestfallen in the downtrodden extreme”, Trevor Peach has been writing and performing music since 2004, recording mixtapes for close friends, only recently releasing his entire discography online via Bandcamp. Geoff Gibbs and Trevor Peach have never been seen in the same place at the same time, causing speculation…

The Crazy Boy Floyds

Scientists currently believe that The Crazy Boy Floyds are at least partially comprised of Michael Harris, Christopher Harris, Geoff Gibbs, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, Robot Juice, and some sort of bioflavonoid (potentially rose hips).
Generally, they are considered to create 8bit inspired music.
Side effects may include:
-Sidewalk butter
-Spastic Dancing
-Repeal of the Laws of Nature

Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount is a sweetly trippy, magical musical trio led by dreamy flaxen-blonde vocalist/keyboardist Julia and flanked by her happily-raging rhythm section, Dominic Cortese (drums), and currently Matt Deason (bass). On A.L.I.T.E, and the other albums before it, the bassist is Geoff Gibbs.

Slayer Espresso

Geoff Gibbs has written a number of musical pieces for Slayer Espresso’s ad campaigns, including this one for Slayer Steam.