Geoff B Gibbs is a eukaryotic chordate primate mammal animal from the species Homo Sapiens, and he is a pedant.  Due to his pedantry, it’s safe to describe Geoff as “not an Artist”. “Artist” has a clear air of importance and mastery, and Geoff claims no such distinctions.  He is best described as a technician that uses artistic tools to create music, short animations, images, logos, and time-wasting content designed for quick consumption and subsequent disregard.

In his continent spanning quest to find new tools for content creation in multiple media, Geoff has worked professionally in enterprise level IT support and avocationally as a touring musician and improv comedian.  He has a Bachelor of Musical Arts from Pacific Lutheran University, and a certificate of completion from Shichahai Sports School in Beijing, China.

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, he is currently a US citizen living in Nelson, British Columbia, working towards eventual Canadian citizenship.  Presently, he is a full time student at Selkirk College’s Digital Art and New Media program. Slowly, he is working his way from “not-an-Artist” to “Artist”.